Intensifiers of Adjectives EMPHASIZERS with EXAMPLE


very It’s very awkward.
ever so The book is ever so interesting.
too Everybody would be only too glad to see you.
far too It’s far too expensive.
most “Yes”, she thought, “everybody’s been most kind.”
a most The 5th Symphony by Tchaikovsky is a most beautiful piece of music.
that Are things that bad with you?
repetition of the
intensifier or the Adj
I agree with every word you’ve said ― every single word.
You bad, bad boy. It’s very, very bad.


much, a lot, lots My brother is much younger [ than myself]
a great / good deal, a good bit The performance proved to be a great deal better than I could ever expect.
still The first edition is good, the new one is still better.
ever Environmental issues acquire an ever greater scope.
far I’ve been with good people, far better than you.
Adj + by far He is funnier by far.
no This method is no better than the one we’ve been using.
none the + Adj He was none the wiser for that answer, but he didn’t try to analyse it.
all the + Adj His remorse was all the more painful because of the irony of his mistake.
Adj + and + Adj The sound grew fainter and fainter.


by far “The Swan Lake” is by far the best ballet we have.
Adj + possible It’s difficult to go about in the wrongest way possible.
the very She put on her very best dress.

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